5.50.070 Operating requirements.
   (a)   Frequency and Duration. No yard sale shall be conducted by any person or at any location more frequently than once every six months. Furthermore, yard sales shall be limited to a period of two consecutive days.
   (b)   Hours of Sale. No yard sale shall begin before nine a.m. nor continue beyond six p.m.
   (c)   Permitted Locations. Yard sale items shall be displayed or stored only within a permanent structure or in the driveway, front yard, side yard or backyard. Yard sale items will not be placed on or within three feet of the sidewalk or street.
   (d)   Ownership of Property. Merchandise sold at a yard sale shall be limited to property owned exclusively by the person conducting the yard sale.
   (e)   Inspection. All merchandise offered for sale at a yard sale shall be made available for inspection by the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department. If requested by the sheriff’s department, the person conducting the sale shall produce evidence of title or ownership to the merchandise offered for sale.
   (f)   Advertising. Placement of the sign or signs shall comply with the following criteria:
      (1)   Location. No sign or other form of advertisement of a proposed yard sale shall be placed upon any public property within the city or upon any other property within the city, except upon the premises where a sale is legally permitted.
      (2)   Vehicle Signs. No sign or other form of advertisement for a yard sale shall be placed or posted on the exterior of any vehicle.
(Ord. 788 § 29 (part), 1999)