Chapter 11.32
11.32.010   Time limit on final maps.
11.32.030   Conformity to the tentative map.
11.32.040   Submission.
11.32.050   Reports.
11.32.060   Dedications—Final tract and parcel maps.
11.32.070   Dedications—Reversion to acreage.
11.32.080   Dedications—Streets, highways, alleys and other vehicular and pedestrian rights- of-way.
11.32.090   Future streets and alleys.
11.32.100   Access rights.
11.32.110   Restricted use and/or flood hazard areas.
11.32.120   Sewers and drains.
11.32.130   Natural watercourses.
11.32.140   Final tract and parcel maps—General requirements.
11.32.150   Title sheet.
11.32.160   Map sheets—Format.
11.32.170   Divisions of land for purpose of lease only.
11.32.180   Lot numbers and area designation.
11.32.190   Lot, block and boundary lines.
11.32.210   Widths and centerlines of streets, highways, alleys, and other ways.
11.32.220   Private and future streets and alleys.
11.32.230   Street and highway names.
11.32.240   Railroad, transmission line and flood control rights-of-way.
11.32.250   Easements required—Final tract and parcel maps.
11.32.260   Easements—How shown.
11.32.270   City boundary lines.
11.32.280   Lots subject to flood hazard, inundation, or geological hazard.
11.32.290   Natural watercourse designation.
11.32.300   Parcel maps—Compiled from record data.
11.32.310   Evidence determining boundary—(Final tract and parcel maps for which a survey is required).
11.32.320   Survey procedure and practice.
11.32.330   Monuments.
11.32.340   Evidence of title—Final tract maps and/or parcel maps.
11.32.350   Waiver of signatures—Final tract and parcel maps.
11.32.360   Easement certificate—Final tract and parcel maps.
11.32.365   Evidence of title—Final parcel map.
11.32.370   Separate instruments—Preparation and evidence of title.