5.50.080 Additional grounds for modification, revocation or suspension.
   In addition to the grounds set forth in Section 5.08.110(b) of this title, the director may modify, revoke or suspend a yard sale permit if he or she makes finds that:
   (a)   The yard sale is not being conducted as approved, as conditioned or in accordance with the operating requirements in Section 5.50.070 of this chapter; or
   (b)   The Director or the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department determines that the yard sale is being conducted in a fraudulent, disruptive or disorderly manner, or in a manner that endangers the public health, safety or welfare.
   Upon suspension of a yard sale permit, the permittee shall immediately end the sale and remove all signage relating to the sale from public view. In addition, all property for sale shall be removed from view or access by the public.
(Ord. 788 § 29 (part), 1999)