Chapter 5.52
Article I. General Provisions
5.52.010   Title.
5.52.020   Purpose and intent.
5.52.030   Defined terms and phrases—Where found.
Article II. Cable Television Systems
5.52.100   Authority and findings.
5.52.110   Franchise terms and conditions.
5.52.120   Franchise applications and renewal.
5.52.130   Contents of cable television franchise agreements.
Article III. Open Video Systems
5.52.200   Applicability.
5.52.210   Application required.
5.52.220   Review of the application.
5.52.230   Agreement required.
Article IV. Other Telecommunications Services and Systems
5.52.300   Other multichannel video programming distributors.
5.52.310   Video providers—Registration—Customer service standards.
5.52.320   Antennas for telecommunications services.
5.52.330   Telecommunications service provided by telephone corporations.
Article V. Definitions
5.52.400   Defined terms and phrases.
Article VI. Violations—Severability
5.52.500   Violations—Enforcement.
5.52.510   Severability.