General Provisions
   39.01   Purpose
   39.02   Definitions
   39.03   General scope and intent: liberal construction of powers
   39.04   Limitations: non-supersession of emergency powers of County Sheriff
   39.05   Limitations: non-supersession of emergency management powers of political subdivisions; conformance of political subdivision emergency management rules and regulations with county's emergency management program and emergency plan
County Emergency Management Advisory Council; County Emergency Management Director; Organization and Administration of Department of Emergency Management
   39.15   County Emergency Management Advisory Council: establishment
   39.16   County Emergency Management Advisory Council: officers
   39.17   County Emergency Management Advisory Council: power and duties
   39.18   Director of Emergency Management: general powers and duties
   39.19   Department of Emergency Management: establishment; staffing; oath; and prohibition of political activity
   39.20   Department of Emergency Management: duties
   39.21   Department of Emergency Management: budget and finance
   39.22   Comprehensive emergency management plan: formulation; content and adoption
   39.23   Jurisdiction: Department of Emergency Management; county Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan; and political subdivisions
   39.24   Tests of the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan; other emergency tests
   39.25   County Board of Commissioners: general administrative powers and duties
County Emergency Management Program: Emergency Powers, Regulations and Procedures
   39.35   Applicability of subchapter
   39.36   Special emergency powers and duties of principal executive officer: declaration of local disaster emergency
   39.37   County Board of Commissioners; convention of special emergency meeting
   39.38   Principal Executive Officer: special emergency powers and duties
   39.39   County Board of Commissioners: special emergency powers and duties
   39.40   Officers and employees of incorporated and unincorporated areas of the county: general duties during emergency
   39.41   Noncompliance with emergency orders, rules and regulations: obstruction or impersonation of emergency management authorities; penalties and enforcement
   39.42   Limitation of liability during disaster emergency or emergency management tests
   39.43   Compensation for property commandeered or used during disaster emergency