§ 7-103. Open Fires - General Regulations.
Open fires and/or open burning within the Township of Lamar shall be subject to the following general regulations:
      A.   All open fires must be attended at all times by an adult who shall be responsi ble to prevent the spread of the fire or hazardous conditions. The site of the fire shall be controlled so as to prevent endangerment to property or person or that results in uncontrolled burning of vegetation (i.e., field fire).
      B.   No fire shall be permitted to burn whenever drought or extreme weather conditions exist or when a ban on burning has been placed into effect by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or other competent governmental body. The Board of Supervisors may prohibit any and all outdoor fires when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous.
      C.   The person desiring to conduct a controlled open fire shall first notify the Clinton County Communications Center of the location and person responsible for said burn immediately prior to and following said burn. The person desiring to conduct a controlled open fire shall abide by and follow all directions issued by the Clinton County Communications Center.
(Ord. 12-10-2007, 12/10/2007, § 7-103)