§ 22-302. Sketch Plan.
   1.   Sketch plans should be legible and show the following data:
      A.   Nnorth arrow and approximate scale.
      B.   Location of existing and proposed road(s) and driveway(s).
      C.   Proposed lot layout.
      D.   Location of moderate or steep slopes.
      E.   Location of sinkholes and streams, if any.
   2.   At the request of the subdivider, members of the Planning Commission may meet at their convenience with the subdivider to inspect the property before the presentation of the preliminary plan. Based on a site visit and sketch plan, the Commission will advise the subdivider of the extent to which the sketch plan conforms to the design standards of this Chapter. The Commission may also suggest any modifications deemed advisable or necessary to secure conformance.
   3.   The Planning Commission may require a sketch plan showing the overall layout of a development where land under the same ownership is remaining but not immediately plotted for subdivision or development.
   4.   For minor subdivisions and minor land development, the sketch plan shall be modified by submittal of the following additional documentation:
      A.   A survey of the tract prepared and sealed by a registered professional land surveyor showing perimeter boundaries and pertinent existing and proposed features.
      B.   If slopes in excess of 8% are present, method of complying with § 22-409.
      C.   If streams are present, method of complying with § 22-413.
      D.   If sinkholes are present, method of complying with § 22-413 and § 22-414.
      E.   If located within or adjacent to the agricultural zoning district, method of complying with the buffer yard requirements of § 22-411(6).
      F.   If located within the village center zoning district, evaluation of the proposal shall be in accordance with the performance zoning standards as presented in § 27-805 of the Township Zoning Ordinance [Chapter 27].
(Ord. 3/9/1993A, § 301)