§ 22-203. Preliminary and Final Plan Procedures.
   1.   Filing. The applicant, at least 10 days prior to the meeting of the Planning Commission at which consideration is desired, shall file with the Commission five copies of a preliminary plan or final plan of the proposed layout of the subdivision or land development. A plan shall be considered filed upon receipt by the Planning Commission of all required materials including review fees. Review procedures and time frames shall not commence until the Planing Commission Secretary deems the submission complete.
   2.   Distribution. Immediately upon receipt of the plan proposed for either preliminary or final approval, the Secretary of the Township Planning Commission shall forward one copy of the plan to the County Planning Commission, who shall submit a report advising the Township of its recommendations within 30 days. However, if such a report is not received from the County Planning Commission within 30 days, the Township may proceed. The Planning Commission Secretary shall submit copies of the preliminary plan for review to public agencies and adjacent municipalities as appropriate.
   3.   Action by Commission and Governing Body.
      A.   Before any action is taken on the plan, at least three members of the Planning Commission shall view the site and evaluate the proposed plan on the basis of all information gathered.
      B.   Before taking final action on any plan, the Planning Commission shall receive the advice of the Township sewage enforcement officer regarding percolation tests and septic systems. Advice regarding other pertinent data described in §§ 22-303 and 22-304 shall also be reviewed.
      C.   Upon review of all information, the Planning Commission shall make recommendations for approval, approval with modifications or disapproval and communicate such recommendations to the Board of Supervisors. Such review and recommendation shall take place at a scheduled Planning Commission meeting which has been duly advertised.
      D.   The Board of Supervisors shall determine whether the preliminary or final plan shall be approved, approved with modifications or disapproved and shall notify the applicant in writing thereof, including, if approved with modifications or disapproved, a statement of reasons for such action and return a copy of the plan to the applicant within 15 days following the decision.
      E.   The Board of Supervisors shall render its decision and communicate it to the applicant not later than 90 days after the deemed-complete application was filed. Failure to render a decision and communicate it to the subdivider within this time shall be deemed an approval of the application.
(Ord. 3/911993A, § 202)