The Plumbing Code is hereby added, amended, revised and changed as follows. In the event of any inconsistency between the Plumbing Code and the provisions of this section, the provisions of this section shall apply and control.
   A.   Supplements To The Illinois Plumbing Code:
      1.   Chapter 11 of the 2012 edition of the International Plumbing Code shall govern the design, construction and installation of building storm drainage. The pipe materials and fittings in section 1102 shall be substituted by 890 appendix A, table A of the Plumbing Code.
      2.   In the construction or alteration of all public facilities and multi-story housing units, the 1997 Illinois Accessibility Code and the 2010 ADA Standard for Accessible Design shall govern all plumbing applications and required fixtures.
The following proposed amendments are pending State of Illinois Department of Public Health Plumbing Division approval.
      3.   Amend subsection 890.180(d) to read as follows:
d) Sleeves. Where a plumbing pipe passes through a foundation wall or footing, the pipe shall be protected by a sleeve with a diameter two inches larger than the pipe. The annular space between the pipe and the sleeve shall be tightly caulked. Caulking material to be used shall be oakum and lead wool on each end, oakum and cold tar on each end or a neoprene mechanical expansion type seal (example 'Link- Seal Modular Seal' or 'Wrap-it-Link').
      4.   Amend subsection 890.420(a)(4) to read as follows:
4) In addition to the full sized clean-out located inside and in-line with the building drain an additional full size, same as the building sewer, clean-out shall be located within 5 feet outside the building foundation, at the juncture of the building drain and building sewer, in direct line with the building drain and building sewer.
      5.   Add to subsection 890.1190(e) as follows:
e) In single family residences where more than one riser set is present individual line valves shall be required to be installed on each riser to enable isolation of each riser or riser set.
      6.   Amend subsection 890.1370(b) to read as follows:
b) Size. Each floor drain and hub drain shall be sized for its intended use and the surface area that it drains. Any floor drain or drain trap installed below a basement floor or underground shall be no less than 2 inches in diameter. At least one minimum three-inch floor drain shall be located in every public or employee restroom. Floor drains or hub drains serving backflow devices and other indirect waste lines shall be sized in accordance with the discharge rates of the manufacturer's flow charts of such devices. The following table, based on Manning's formula for schedule 40 PVC pipe at 75% full flow and a minimum slope of 1/8 inch/ft, shall be used to determine the minimum floor drain or hub drain size and associated drain line size.
Drain Size
Flow Rate GPM
      7.   Amend subsection 890.1370(d) to read as follows:
d) Provision For Evaporation. Emergency floor drains and floor drain seals subject to evaporation shall be fed by means of a priming device designed for that purpose complying with ASSE 1018 or ASSE 1044. Vegetable oil is not an approved provision.
      8.   Amend section 890.1380 to read as follows:
Any piping installed within a building for the purpose of carrying storm water from a roof shall not be connected to a sanitary building drain or building sewer. The pipe material shall conform to the requirements of appendix A, table A ("Approved Building Drainage/Vent Pipe"), and sections 890.910 through 890.930. The design, construction and installation of storm drainage shall be governed by the provisions in chapter 11 of the 2012 international plumbing code.
      9.   Add the following additional section 890.1390:
Section 890.1390 Gray Water Recycling Systems.
a) Car wash installations shall be equipped with a water recycling system. The water recycling system shall only receive waste discharge from the car washing operation. The recycled gray water shall only be utilized for the operation of the washers.
b) Installation: All drain, waste and vent piping associated with gray water recycling shall be installed in full compliance with the plumbing code.
c) Makeup Water: Potable water shall be supplied as a source of makeup water for the gray water system. The potable water shall be protected against backflow through a fixed air gap in accordance with section 890.1130 of the plumbing code.
d) Identification: All gray water distribution piping and reservoirs shall be identified as containing non-potable water. Piping identification shall be in accordance with section 890.1120 of the plumbing code.
(Ord. 2015-3-053, 3-16-2015)