(a)   The Mayor or Director of Public Safety is hereby authorized to commission the Animal Control Officers or other employees as special police officers charged with the enforcement of any valid ordinance within the City of Lakewood as assigned.
   (b)   The following rules shall apply to such special police officers and their commissioning:
      (1)   The special police officers shall receive no additional compensation for their duties as such.
      (2)   The special police officers shall not be on the classified list of the Police Division or eligible for participation in the Police Pension Fund.
      (3)   The special police officers shall have the powers to issue misdemeanor citations and/or complaints and order the abatement of nuisances in the exercise and performance of their duties as set forth in this Sanitary Code, the General Offenses Code and other similar ordinances, statutes, rules or regulations relating or applicable to streets, sidewalks, tree lawns or other property belonging to the City and/or relating to the health of the City, and in such other specific cases as the Mayor may from time to time direct. The Animal Warden shall enforce all of the ordinances of the City relative to animals.
         (Ord. 59-08.  Passed 7-21-2008.)