516.16  REMEDIES.
   (a)   Affirmative action ordered under this section may include, but is not limited to:
      (1)   Hiring, reinstatement or upgrading of employees with or without back pay. Interim earnings or amounts earnable with reasonable diligence by the person or persons discriminated against shall operate to reduce the back pay otherwise allowable;
      (2)   Admission or restoration of individuals to union membership, admission to or participation in, a guidance program, apprenticeship, training program, on-the-job training program, or other occupational training or retraining program, and the utilization of objective criteria in the admission of individuals to such programs;
      (3)   Admission of individuals to a place of public accommodation;
      (4)   The extension to all individuals of the full and equal enjoyment of the advantages, facilities, privileges and services of the respondent;
      (5)   Reporting as to the manner of compliance;
      (6)   Posting notices in conspicuous places in the respondent's place of business in the form prescribed by the Commission and inclusion of such notices in advertising material;
      (7)   Payment to the complainant of damages for an injury, including humiliation and embarrassment, caused by the discriminatory practice, and costs, including reasonable attorney fees;
      (8)   Payment to the Commission of a $ 500 fine for each violation. Each day on which a continuing violation occurs shall constitute a new and separate violation of this chapter. Fines collected pursuant to this section will be used to establish a fund to educate the community about nondiscrimination practices and to promote nondiscrimination in the City;
      (9)   Such other remedies as shall be necessary and proper to eliminate all the discrimination identified by the evidence submitted at the hearing or in the record.
   (b)   The Commission may publish, or cause to be published, the names of persons who have been determined to have engaged in a discriminatory practice.
(Ord. 1-16.  Passed 6-20-2016.)