(a)   No City agency shall lease or authorize the sublease of any real property owned by the City, upon which private or public improvements are planned to be constructed, without first obtaining authorization by ordinance of Council.
   (b)   Unless specifically waived by ordinance of Council, all leases, assignments, subleases and modifications thereto, authorized pursuant to this section, shall require that in all construction of private or public improvements situated on City-owned land prevailing wage rates shall be paid in constructing the improvement. The prevailing wage shall be defined in the same manner as in Ohio R.C. Chapter 4115.
   (c)   Subsection (b) hereof does not apply when the real property is a gift or contribution to the City and at the time of the gift the construction of the specific public or private improvement was contemplated, or when a private party offers to contribute as a gift to the City the construction of improvements on City-owned real property and a lease of less than two years of the real property is part of the transaction, and no City funds are involved in the project.
(Ord. 64-91.  Passed 10-21-91.)