(a)   Each city official shall identify all presently existing personal information systems; and, upon reviewing the day-to-day operation of each system, he or she shall appoint one individual, who may be himself or herself, who will be directly responsible for each system, and who will be known as a personal information system officer.
   (b)   When an individual appointed under subsection (a) hereof leaves the employment of the City or is absent for any reason for an extended period of time, the supervising city official shall appoint a replacement.
   (c)   Whenever a personal information system is created, the supervising city official shall appoint an appropriate person to be directly responsible for the new system.
   (d)   Whenever an appointment is made pursuant to this section, the name of the appointee shall be submitted to the office of the Mayor, where a record of all such appointees shall be kept.  (Ord. 18-14.  Passed 6-2-2014.)