(a)   Individuals.
      (1)   Any person convicted of an offense other than a minor misdemeanor and who is thereafter confined in a workhouse, prison, station house or county jail shall reimburse the City for its expenses incurred by reason of such confinement including, but not limited to, the expenses relating to the provision of food, clothing and shelter. The amount of reimbursement shall be determined by a court of competent jurisdiction in an amount and in the manner as provided by law.
      (2)   The Director of Law is hereby authorized to institute an appropriate civil action in the name of the City in a court of competent jurisdiction to recover from the convict the reimbursement for the expenses of his confinement in a workhouse, prison, station house or county jail as may be determined by the court in the manner provided by law.
      (3)   All amounts recovered for reimbursement of expenses of confinement shall be paid into the General Fund of the City.
         (Ord. 110-84.  Passed 10-15-1984.)
   (b)   Governmental Entities.
      (1)   Governmental entities shall pay to the City, for the use of the Lakewood Municipal Jail Facility, for the housing of prisoners, the sum of seventy- five dollars ($75.00) per day per prisoner.
      (2)   The Chief of Police and/or his designee shall keep an accurate record of the use of such Facility by other governmental entities and shall forward a copy of this record to the Director of Finance on a monthly basis.
      (3)   The Director of Finance shall promptly invoice the governmental entities using such Facility and shall accept any and all moneys for such use. Such funds shall be paid into the General Fund.
         (Ord. 16-88.  Passed 4-4-1988. )