(a)     The Fair Employment Wage Board (FEWB) shall review the effectiveness of the living wage ordinance to ensure that the community is informed on whether those companies that are being awarded service contracts by the City are adhering to the ordinance.  The FEWB shall make recommendations to the Administration and Lakewood City Council, when appropriate, regarding issues pertaining to the living wage policy.
   (b)   The FEWB shall be composed of the three members of the Civil Service Commission.
   (c)   The president of the Civil Service Commission shall serve as president of the FEWB.  The FEWB shall hold semi-annual meetings and special sessions as called by the president or by a majority of the members.  All meetings of the FEWB shall be open to the public and minutes shall be taken.  An employee of the City of Lakewood shall be assigned to serve as liaison to the FEWB on matters concerning the enforcement of the Fair Employment Wage Ordinance.
   (d)   The FEWB shall be provided with and shall review:
      (1)   All reports on compliance filed by the Applicable Department as provided by this Chapter;
      (2)   The results of any investigations of Covered Employers as provided by this Chapter;
      (3)   All applications for exemptions from coverage filed by Service Contractors as provided by this Chapter.
   The FEWB shall provide recommendations regarding such matters to City Council.
(Ord. 22-13.  Passed 11-4-2013.)