Parking Generally
351.01   Limitations on parking.
351.02   Police may remove unattended vehicle which obstructs traffic.
351.03   Certain streets restricted.
351.04   Restricted parking.
351.05   Arlington Road.  (Repealed)
351.06   Hilliard Road.(Repealed)
351.07   North side of Detroit Avenue.(Repealed)
351.08   South side of Detroit Avenue.(Repealed)
351.09   North side of Delaware Avenue.(Repealed)
351.10   East side of Mars Avenue.(Repealed)
351.11   Rush hour parking prohibited.
351.12   West side of Arthur Drive.(Repealed)
351.13   East side of Arthur Avenue.(Repealed)
351.14   East side of Lark Street.(Repealed)
351.15   West side of Lakeland. (Repealed)
351.16   Displaying vehicles for sale; advertising; repairing or washing vehicle.
351.17   Parking commercial vehicles and recreational equipment.
351.18   Time limitations.
351.19   Permit for reserved space.
351.20   Bus stops; taxicab stands.
351.21   Powers of Director of Public Safety.
351.22   Powers of Chief of Police.
351.23   Parking near curb; handicapped locations on public and private lots and garages.
351.24   Manner of angle parking.
351.25   Unattended vehicle: duty to stop engine, remove key, set brake and turn wheels. (Repealed)
351.26   Emergency during heavy snow storms.
351.27   Parking regulations during emergency.
351.28   Opening vehicle door on traffic side. (Repealed)
351.29   Parking on posted private property.
351.99   Penalty and waiver.
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   Police may remove ignition key from unattended vehicle - see TRAF. 303.03
   Abandoned junk vehicles on private or public property - see TRAF. 303.09
   Parking near stopped fire apparatus - see TRAF. 331.27
   Lights on parked or stopped vehicles - see TRAF. 337.09