(A)   Sign permits required. It shall be unlawful for any person to erect, construct, alter, replace or relocate within the city any sign without having first obtained a sign permit therefore, except as provided in § 5(A) of this sign code. No permit shall be issued until the city determines that such sign is in accordance with the requirements contained in this sign code, and the city determines such sign will not violate any building, electrical or other adopted codes of the City of Lake Mary.
      (1)   Applications. All sign permit applications shall be filed on forms supplied by the city. The application shall contain the information and documents required in § 4(A)(2), below, and shall be accompanied by the required sign permit fee.
      (2)   Application contents. The application for a sign permit for a sign shall include the following information:
         (a)   The name, address and telephone number of the property owner. If the applicant is not the property owner, the name, address and telephone number of the applicant also. The name, address and telephone number of the business, establishment or occupant, if applicable.
         (b)   The name, address, telephone number and state license number of the sign contractor/manufacturer.
         (c)   The name, address, telephone number and registration number of the engineer or architect.
         (d)   The street address, legal description and tax identification number of the property upon which proposed sign is to be located.
         (e)   The future land use designation and zoning district where the sign is to be installed.
         (f)   The type of sign, square footage, height and location of all signs currently located on the premises.
         (g)   The type of sign, square footage, design, sign area, height, location and fully dimensioned elevation drawings of the sign or signs proposed to be erected on the premises. If the sign is to be electrically lighted, the Testing Laboratory Number or the ETL Number shall be provided, and the name and address of the Electrical Contractor. In such case, the sign permit application shall be accompanied by a separate electrical permit application, as required by § 150.03 of the Lake Mary Code of Ordinances.
         (h)   Written permission of the property owner to erect the proposed sign if the applicant is not the property owner.
         (i)   A fully dimensioned site plan showing the lot frontage, building frontage or business, establishment or occupant frontage, parking areas and location of all existing and proposed signs. For ground signs and temporary signs, the site plan must show the distance from the right-of-way and property lines, and street corner visibility calculations. For temporary signs, over six square feet, name, date and time associated with the event and a timeframe for the temporary sign to come down.
         (j)   The type of construction, materials, sign supports, electrical details for the proposed sign.
         (k)   Wind load calculations and footer details for the proposed sign as required by the city's adopted building code.
      (3)   Review/time limits. Upon the receipt of a sign permit application and upon payment of the appropriate fee by the applicant, the city shall conduct a review of the application, the proposed sign and the premises. The city shall grant or deny the sign permit within 45 days from the date the application and the associated fee were filed with the city.
      (4)   Issuance or denial of permit.
         (a)   If, after review as required herein and upon payment of the appropriate sign permit fee, the city determines that the application meets the requirements contained in this sign code and determines the proposed sign will not violate any building, electrical or other adopted codes of the City of Lake Mary, the city shall issue the permit.
         (b)   If, after review as required herein, the city determines that one or more reasons for denial exist, the permit shall be denied and the city shall report the denial and the reasons thereof. A copy of the denial shall be sent by certified mail to the designated return address of the applicant on the application. The application for a permit shall be denied if one or more of the following conditions are found to exist:
            (i)   The application does not comply with the requirements of this sign code; or
            (ii)    The application would violate any building, electrical or other adopted code of the City of Lake Mary.
      (5)   Permit fees. The permit fee schedule for signs is contained in § 150.05 of the Lake Mary Code of Ordinances.
      (6)   Permit label required. With each permit issued, the city shall provide a label for each permitted sign bearing the permit number. The applicant shall attach the label to the sign or sign structure so as to be clearly visible from the public right-of-way or public areas of the premises. In addition, a legible copy of the sign permit shall be adhered to the rear of the sign in a protective plastic covering.
      (7)   Expiration of permit. Sign permits shall expire ten days after date of issuance, unless the permitted sign is inspected and certified as complete by the city before the expiration of the ten days.
      (8)   Appeals. Any person denied a permit for a sign may file a written appeal to the Sign Code Board of Adjustment within ten calendar days after receipt of a report of the denial. The Planning and Zoning Board is hereby designated as the Sign Code Board of Adjustment, and is authorized to hear and decide appeals de novo where it is alleged there is an error in the denial of a sign permit. The Sign Code Board of Adjustment shall hear such appeals within 60 days of the filing of the appeal and promptly render a final decision. Any person aggrieved by a final decision of the Sign Code Board of Adjustment may appeal within 30 days of rendition of the final decision, which appeal shall be immediately reviewed as a matter of right by the courts upon the filing of an appropriate pleading by an aggrieved party. A prompt final decision shall be rendered by the Court.
      (9)   Implied consent. Any person applying for and receiving a permit for any sign hereby consents to the following:
         (i)   Consents to complying with all provisions of this code;
         (ii)    Consents for City Officials to come on private property to inspect all signage;
         (iii)    Consents to the placement of an adhesive notice of violation on the face of sign if found to be in violation of code;
         (iv)    Consents to signing "Statement of Fact" prior to issuance of permit. The Statement of Fact outlines the signage authorized, permitted and available under specific zoning district.
   (B)   Construction and maintenance standards. All signs shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with the following standards:
      (1)   Code compliance. All signs shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the city's building codes, electrical codes and all other applicable codes.
      (2)   Copy. All copy shall be maintained so as to be legible and complete.
      (3)   Structure. All signs shall be maintained in a vertical position unless originally permitted otherwise, and in good and safe condition at all times.
      (4)   Damage. Damaged faces or structural members shall be repaired.
      (5)   Safety. The construction and maintenance of all signs using electric power in any manner shall be subject to the following requirements:
         (i)   Electrical systems and fasteners shall be maintained at all times in a safe condition.
         (ii)   Plans and locations shall be approved by the Building Official, and such signs shall be inspected and approved by him/her before operation. All such signs must be installed by a qualified and licensed electrician in accordance with provision of the National Electrical Code.
         (iii)    Proximity to electrical conductor: No signs shall be erected closer than ten feet to any overhead electrical conductor, where the difference in potential between any two conductors or between one conductor and ground exceeds 750 volts.
         (iv)   All exterior electrical outlets for signs shall terminate in a galvanized box with a blank cover, which shall be flush with and not protrude beyond the finished surface of the exterior wall.
         (v)   Transformer boxes, outlets, conduits, and other accessory equipment for any sign shall be placed so that they are not visible from the exterior.
         (vi)   Wooden signs shall not have electrical lights or fixtures attached to them in any manner.
         (vii)   No electrical sign shall be so lighted or maintained as to throw a glare or blinding light into any street, highway, or other public thoroughfare, which would be likely to blind or impair the vision of any motorists upon the street, highway, or thoroughfare.
(Ord. 1029, passed 10-4-01; Am. Ord. 1476, passed 12-20-12; Am. Ord. 1545, passed 6-16-16)