(A)   Exempt signs. All permanent signs require permits, except for signs which meet the requirements of this section and all the other requirements of this chapter. Signs that are exempt from the permitting requirements of this sign code shall still be counted as part of the total signage allowed by this sign code and are subject to the city’s building, electrical and other applicable code requirements. Those signs are:
      (1)   Permanent signs in all zoning districts six square feet or less, except no more than one per premises. Such signs shall also meet the following regulations:
         (i)   5 feet from any right-of-way; and
         (ii)   10 feet from side/rear property lines; and
         (iii)   Signs shall be non-illuminated.
      (2)   Temporary signs. However, all temporary commercial message signs larger than six square feet, except signs on property for sale or lease, must be registered on a form supplied by the Community Development Director, and a registration fee of $4.00 is required for each sign.
   (B)   Prohibited signs. It shall be unlawful to erect or maintain the following signs within the city:
      (1)   Any sign which constitutes a traffic or pedestrian hazard or a detriment to traffic or pedestrian safety by reason of its size, location, movement, coloring, or method of illumination. Any sign which obstructs the vision of pedestrians or vehicles using the public right-of-way.
      (2)   Electronic signs or signs of a flashing, animated or rotating nature.
      (3)   Bare bulb signs, excluding neon signs.
      (4)   Signs that interfere with, mislead or confuse traffic.
      (5)   Signs attached to trees, streetlight poles, parking lot light poles or utility poles.
      (6)   Signs attached to or painted on vehicles, when these vehicles are not regularly used to make deliveries, pickups or are not otherwise actively used, and are parked or located in such a way as to advertise.
      (7)   Signs made of combustible materials that are attached to or in close proximity to fire escapes or firefighting equipment.
      (8)   Roof signs.
      (9)   Pole banners, streamers, ribbons, propellers, searchlights, balloons or pennants, feather or flutter signs.
      (10)   Portable signs.
      (11)   Pole signs.
      (12)   Any privately owned sign placed or located on or over any public or private thoroughfare, road, alley, sidewalk or right-of-way within the city.
      (13)   Parasite signs.
      (14)   Sandwich signs or double sided signs exceeding 30 degrees.
      (15)   Snipe signs.
      (16)   Any sign not expressly allowed by this sign code.
      (17)   Discontinued signs.
      (18)   Off-premises signs.
      (19)   Billboards.
      (20)   Animated signs.
      (21)   Intermittent signs.
      (22)   Ground signs greater than 100 square feet in size (area).
      (23)   Banner signs, except as expressly allowed in § 6 of this sign code.
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