(A)   Description of district. This district is established in order to identify and provide those geographic areas within the city that are appropriate for the development and maintenance of industrial, manufacturing, warehousing and office environment. The purpose of this district is to provide primarily for compatible wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing options. This district permits industrial uses which are more intense than the M-1A District. Residential districts shall be buffered from this district by less intense zoning districts such as M-1A (light industrial), C-1 (General Commercial), or PO (Professional Office). Areas for which this category may be appropriate are designated on the land use plan as industrial.
   (B)   Permitted and conditional uses. No building or land in the M-2A District shall be used, and no building shall be hereafter erected, structurally altered, or enlarged, except for the permitted and conditional uses listed below. Conditional uses are permitted only after approval in accordance with §§ 154.70 through 154.73.
      (1)   Permitted uses:
         (a)   Any use permitted in the M-1A District.
         (b)   Flea markets.
         (c)   Drive-in theaters.
         (d)   Exterminator and pest control fleet yards.
         (e)   Auto repairs.
         (f)   Hospitals and nursing homes.
         (g)   Adult entertainment establishments:
            1.   Adult performance establishments
            2.   Adult theaters
            3.   Adult bookstores
            4.   Adult massage establishments
            5.   Adult motels
         (h)   Cold/freezer storage and distribution centers.
         (i)   Clothing and garment manufacturing.
         (j)   Mechanical garages.
         (k)   Dry cleaning facilities.
         (l)   Community services and facilities.
         (m)   Recreational vehicle parks/vehicle storage yards.
         (n)   Mobile home sales.
         (o)   Material storage indoor and outdoor.
         (p)   Mini-warehouses/personal storage facilities.
         (q)   Retail manufacturing outlet store.
      (2)   Conditional uses:
         (a)   Any permitted use requiring a structure exceeding the maximum allowable building height.
         (b)   Private and retail recreational facilities.
         (c)   Any use not previously listed as a permitted or conditional use within this chapter.
         (d)   Crematoriums and funeral homes. Such uses shall provide sufficient on-site parking, staging areas and/or service drives in order to accommodate parking and staging of funeral processions. Streets and public right-of-ways shall not be used for parking or to form funeral processions.
         (e)   Contractors construction and storage yards.
         (f)   New and used vehicle sales.
         (g)   Parking garages.
         (h)   Pain management clinic.
            1.   Such uses shall comply with the following criteria:
               a.   No co-location (on the same property) with a pharmacy;
               b.    Minimum separation of 1,000 feet from another pain management clinic, or any pre-existing pharmacy, school (VPK through 12), place of worship, daycare center, assisted living facility, nursing home or residential dwelling unit(s) unless a variance is granted pursuant to § 154.25 of the city's Code of Ordinances;
               c.    Maximum hours of operation shall not exceed 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. of the same day;
               d.    Shall not restrict payment options to "cash only";
               e.   No outdoor customer seating areas, queues or waiting areas;
               f.   All activities shall be conducted within a building, and adequate indoor waiting areas shall be provided;
               g.   No on-site consumption of alcoholic beverages, including parking areas.
            2.   A business tax receipt issued by the City of Lake Mary is required for a pain management clinic to operate. In part, the issuance of a business tax receipt is contingent upon the following:
               a.    Documentation that owner(s) of the pain management clinic is a physician(s) licensed to practice in the State of Florida;
               b.    Documentation that the owner(s), physician(s) and/or clinic employees have not been charged with a disciplinary action and/or convicted of a felony within the last five years.
               c.    Documentation of state registration under F.S. § 458.3265 or § 459.0137. or documents evidencing that the clinic does not need to register with the state.
            3.    Noncompliance with the provisions of § 154.66(B)(2)(h)2.a. through c. above is grounds for the city to deny a request for the issuance of a business tax receipt and the revocation of a previously issued business tax receipt.
            4.    This subsection shall not be construed as authorizing a "pill mill" which is prohibited by § 154.120 of the city's Code of Ordinances.
   (C)   Site development standards. All M-2A land uses are subject to site plan approval in accordance with Chapter 156. The following standards are also hereby established to maintain the purpose of the district, to promote the functional compatibility of uses, to promote the safe and efficient circulation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and to otherwise protect the public health, safety, and general welfare:
      (1)   Minimum site size, one acre.
      (2)   Reserved.
      (3)   Access requirements must comply with Chapter 155, Appendix A, Street System Regulations.
      (4)   Minimum setbacks.
         (a)   Minimum setbacks and buffers shall conform to Chapter 157 of the land development code, but in no case shall a streetside setback be less than 25 feet from the building line. Buildings exceeding two stories must be set back a minimum of 25 feet from all property lines.
         (b)   Personal storage facilities/mini-warehouses. The minimum setback between buildings shall be 25 feet.
         (c)   Minimum separation of an M-2A zoning district from any property which is zoned as residential within the city or Seminole County or designated as residential on the future land use maps of city or county jurisdiction or both is 1000 feet. The distance shall be measured by drawing a straight line between the closest property lines or boundaries of the area zoned or proposed to be zoned M-2A and the area which is zoned residential within the city or unincorporated Seminole County or designated as residential on the city's or Seminole County's Future Land Use Map.
      (5)   Maximum building height, 60 feet.
   (D)   Off-street parking. Off-street parking and loading shall be provided in accordance with Appendix B of Chapter 155.
   (E)   Additional requirements.
      (1)   Public utilities must be in accordance with Chapter 155, Appendix D.
      (2)   Lakefront regulations are included in § 154.12.
      (3)   All aisles not serving storage spaces in personal storage facilities/ mini-warehouse uses shall meet a minimum required aisle width of 24 feet.
      (4)   Signs are permitted in accordance with Chapter 155, Appendix I.
      (5)   Adult entertainment establishments shall meet all requirements of this chapter and Chapter 115.
      (6)   School location, regulations and requirements are included in § 154.68.
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