(A)   Description of district. This district is established in order to identify and stabilize those geographic areas within the city that are appropriate for the development and maintenance of a medium-density residential environment. The purpose of this district is to limit construction to the development of higher-density single- family dwellings (including cluster homes and patio homes) and large-lot two-family dwellings (duplexes). Areas of the city for which this zoning category is appropriate are designated on the comprehensive plan as medium-low- and medium-density residential.
   (B)   Permitted and conditional uses. Unless otherwise permitted by this chapter, no building or land in the R-2 District shall be used, and no building shall be hereafter erected, structurally altered, or enlarged, except for the permitted and conditional uses listed below. The uses listed as conditional are permitted only after approval in accordance with §§ 154.70 through 154.73.
      (1)   Permitted uses:
         (a)   Two-family dwellings (duplex) with the customary accessory uses.
         (b)   Single-family dwellings with their customary accessory uses.
      (2)   Conditional uses:
         (a)   Churches and their appurtenant uses.
         (b)   Community services and facilities.
         (c)   Temporary sales office (see § 154.11).
   (C)   Site development standards. The following standards are hereby established to maintain the purpose of the district, to promote the functional compatibility of use, to promote the safe and efficient circulation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and to otherwise protect the public health, safety, and general welfare.
      (1)   Minimum lot size, above the mean-high-water line.
         (a)   Each single-family unit shall be located on a lot or parcel having a land area not less than 7,500 square feet.
         (b)   Each duplex structure shall be located on a lot or parcel having a land area not less than 15,000 square feet.
      (2)   Minimum site width at building line, 75 feet.
      (3)   Minimum street frontage, 25 feet.
      (4)   Minimum setbacks.
         (a)   Front yard, 25 feet.
         (b)   Side yard, a combined setback of 20 feet with a minimum dimension in each yard of eight feet.
         (c)   Rear yard, 30 feet.
      (5)   Maximum building height, 35 feet.
      (6)   Minimum building floor area per dwelling unit, excluding carports, garages, porte cocheres, breezeways, and screened and open porches, 750 square feet.
   (D)   Additional requirements.
      (1)   All uses must conform to Appendix B of Chapter 155 for off-street parking and other regulations.
      (2)   Lakefront regulations and requirements are included in § 154.12.
      (3)   School location, regulations and requirements are included in § 154.68.
      (4) Properties located within the Big Lake Mary overlay zoning district shall comply with the relevant provisions of § 154.90.
       (5) When there is a conflict between the provisions contained in this section and the provisions of the Big Lake Mary overlay zoning district, the provisions of § 154.90 takes precedence.
(Ord. 241, passed 11-27-85; Am. Ord. 1219, passed 11-2-06; Am. Ord. 1282, passed 3-6-08; Am. Ord. 1647, passed 10-7-21) Penalty, see § 154.999