Each landscaper shall be required to obtain and maintain a license during the license year for so long as the landscaper is providing landscape maintenance services in the city. Landscaper licenses shall be non-transferable, and each vehicle of a licensed landscaper shall display the identifying information required pursuant to § 110.218(D) of this chapter in order to be entitled to be parked on a city street in conformity with this subchapter; provided, however, that, any such licensed vehicle must still comply with the otherwise applicable general parking requirements of the city. The fee for the license shall be as set out in the fee schedule, non-refundable, per license year or fraction thereof, and shall accompany the application. Upon issuance of a license pursuant to this section, the City Manager or the Manager’s designee shall also provide the landscaper a certified license.
(Ord. 2006-81, passed 12-4-2006; Ord. 07-43, passed 10-15-2007)