In making of any improvement which requires the digging into, taking up or otherwise disturbing any portion of the paved roadway of any street in the city, the permit, plans specifications and contract for such improvement shall provide that the contractor, person, firm or corporation making such improvements shall restore such pavement to the same condition it was in before work on such improvement was begun, and whenever in the making of such improvement it is necessary to take up any drain tile used for street drainage or for any public use, the person, firm or corporation doing such work shall be required to submit plans, which will be subject to review and approval by the City Engineer, for reestablishing the drainage infrastructure in a manner that prevents any future settlement, and facilitates the flow of stormwater in an efficient manner as determined to be necessary by the City Engineer.
(Prior Code, § 37-40)  (Ord. 2016-56, passed 10-3-2016)