(A)   The City Manager or his or her designee shall have the power to make all purchases involving a total expenditure of less than $25,000. All other purchases (except as otherwise provided in § 38.37) shall require the approval of the City Council.
   (B)   No purchase shall be made without an approved budgetary allocation or appropriation by the City Council in the amount of the purchase.
   (C)   The City Manager shall endeavor to include vendors located within the city when making purchases governed by this chapter where practical. The City Manager is authorized to accept the bid or quote of a vendor located within the city where the quality, customer service, responsiveness and other aspects of the vendor and its bid or quote are at least equivalent to the lowest vendor and its bid or quote.
(Ord. 2007-38, passed 10-15-2007; Ord. 2016-02, passed 1-19-2016; Ord. 2020-024, passed 6-15- 2020)