Title 3
Chapter 3-05
An Ordinance Establishing A Retail Transactions And Use Tax in the County of Los Angeles For Public Transit Purposes
(Preliminary Note: The ordinance set forth in Chapter 3-05 was originally enacted as Los Angeles County Transportation Commission Ordinance No. 16 and was adopted by a vote of the electorate as Proposition A in November 1980. It is incorporated here as enacted in 1980, except that, for convenience and consistency, its section headings and numbering have been revised to conform to the style of this Code. While the provisions of this ordinance may be cited by the section headings and numbering used herein, the official ordinance remains that enacted by the electorate in 1980. The inclusion of this ordinance in this Code is not a reenactment or an amendment of the original ordinance, and its inclusion in this Code does not in any way amend its provisions or alter its application.)
A retail Transactions and Use Tax is hereby imposed in the County of Los Angeles as follows: