Title 6
Transit Court
Chapter 6-05
Customer Code of Conduct
(Preliminary Note: The ordinance set forth in Chapter 6-05 was originally enacted as Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and was adopted by the Board of Directors on July 22, 2010. It is incorporated here as enacted, and as amended by the Board of Directors, except that, for convenience and consistency, its section headings and numbering have been revised to conform to the style of this Code. While the provisions of this ordinance may be cited by the section headings and numbering used herein, the official ordinance remains that enacted and amended by the board. The inclusion of this ordinance in this Code is not a reenactment or an amendment of the original ordinance, and its inclusion in this Code does not in any way amend its provisions or alter its application.)
Amended June 23, 2011
Amended January 26, 2012
Amended January 23, 2014
Amended December 3, 2015
Amended April 27, 2017
Amended December 2, 2021
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) provides important services to the traveling public in Los Angeles. Safety is the guiding principle by which Metro operates. A successful partnership between Metro and the public is dependent upon Metro employees and the traveling public behaving in a mutually respectful and courteous manner.
This ordinance is entitled the Metro Customer Code of Conduct. Compliance with this ordinance is a condition of use, by any individual, of a Metro vehicle, facility or property.
Sections 6-05-40(A), 6-05-100, 6-05-110, 6-05-150, 6-05-230(C) and Section 6-05-240(A) of this ordinance are enacted pursuant to the authority granted to Metro by the California Penal Code Section 640(e) and the California Public Utilities Code Section 99580, et seq.