A.   The application procedure and fee for alcoholic beverage catering permits shall be as set forth in sections 23-934A and 23-934B, Idaho Code.
   B.   If the sheriff recommends or does not object to approval of a catering permit application, the board, by resolution duly enacted, may authorize the clerk to approve the application and issue a catering permit to the applicant without further board action. Otherwise, approval of catering permit applications and issuance of catering permits shall be vested in the board.
   C.   If the sheriff recommends denial or objects to approval of a catering permit application, the clerk shall refer the application to the board for a decision as to whether to approve or deny the application. If the board approves the application, the clerk shall issue the catering permit forthwith.
   D.   The regulatory and penal provisions of this chapter shall apply to catering permits issued pursuant to this section. (Ord. 463, 11-6-2012)