A.   Applications for licenses shall be in writing, signed and sworn to by the applicant upon application forms furnished by the clerk. The applicant shall fill in the required portion of the application and return it to the office of the clerk. All applications shall be accompanied by the appropriate license fee(s) when filed with the clerk.
   B.   The applicant for any license shall possess all of the qualifications necessary to obtain that license from ABC, as prescribed by title 23, Idaho Code, and maintain such qualifications throughout the period of such license.
   C.   No license shall issue except upon proof of possession of an ABC issued license for the sale of beer, wine at retail and/or by the drink, or liquor by the drink, as applicable.
   D.   The applicant shall further be required to present the application to Kootenai County community development for review if the business is located within the unincorporated area of Kootenai County and falls within one of the following categories:
      1.   The establishment is a new business in a new location or building.
      2.   The establishment is a new business in an existing building, even if the structure was previously used for commercial activities.
      3.   The establishment is an existing business (renewal), but is in a new location.
Kootenai County community development shall review the proposed establishment for compliance with Kootenai County ordinances and the laws of the state of Idaho. Such a review shall include an inspection of the structure, if deemed appropriate by the director of community development, for compliance with the Kootenai County building code ordinance, title 7, chapter 1 of this code, and shall further include inspection of the structure by the appropriate fire protection district. Upon receipt of approval of the fire protection district building inspector, the application may be signed by the director of community development. Fees for such review and inspection may be set by resolution of the board.
No compliance review shall be required for renewals of existing businesses remaining in the same location. For businesses within incorporated cities, compliance review shall be in accordance with city ordinance.
   E.   The board, by resolution duly enacted, may authorize the clerk to issue county licenses pursuant to this chapter without further board action. Such licenses shall be issued only upon a determination by the clerk that all required portions of the application are complete and that all applicable requirements of this chapter have been met. Otherwise, issuance of county licenses issued pursuant to this chapter shall be vested in the board. (Ord. 463, 11-6-2012)