Automotive hobby activities involve the restoration, maintenance, repair, or preservation of motor vehicles, and similar activities. Automotive hobby activities shall be subject to the following standards:
   A.   No commercial retail or wholesale sales of automotive parts or supplies shall be conducted.
   B.   A property owner or person who resides on the property may sell vehicles that he or she owns which have been restored, maintained, repaired, or preserved in conjunction with lawful automotive hobby activities. No other commercial restoration, repair, preservation or maintenance of motor vehicles shall be conducted.
   C.   The site shall be maintained in an orderly manner so as to prevent the creation of a public nuisance or a health hazard.
   D.   Not more than two (2) inoperable, dismantled, or unregistered motor vehicles may be visible from ground level on any adjacent property. All other inoperable, dismantled, or unregistered motor vehicles shall be covered, stored behind a one hundred percent (100%) sight obscuring fence or hedge which is not less than six feet (6') in height, or stored within a completely enclosed building.
   E.   All inoperable, dismantled, or unregistered motor vehicles, and parts thereof, which are being kept on the site in conjunction with automotive hobby activities shall be necessary and wanted. Once inoperable, dismantled, or unregistered automobiles, or parts thereof, are no longer necessary or wanted, the automobile or parts shall be removed from the site for proper disposal. (Ord. 493, 6-9-2016)