(A)   Members of the County Council may attend caucuses, which are gatherings of members of a political party or coalition held for purposes of planning political strategy and holding discussions designed to prepare the members for taking official action. No caucus shall be deemed an official part of the Council or any committee of the Council. A caucus may review public information and discuss the political ramifications of expected issues, anticipated official action and public business. The caucuses may not take any official action and shall not vote upon any matter pending before the Council or one of its committees in accordance with I.C. 5-14-1.5.
   (B)   The members of the County Council belonging to each political party shall hold separate caucuses and each shall elect a caucus leader. The caucus leader of the party, which has the allegiance of the greatest number of members of the County Council, shall be called the "majority leader". The caucus leader of the other parties shall be called "minority leaders". The election of caucus leaders shall be official upon filing with the County Auditor a certificate of election signed by the members of the caucus.
(Res. 2001-4, passed 1-8-2001)