General Provisions
   150.01   Short title
   150.02   Permits and scope of regulations
   150.03   Building Officer
   150.04   Liability of Building Officer
   150.05   Regulations for administration of building regulations
   150.06   Compliance with fee schedule; distribution of fees
   150.07   Duty to notify Village Clerk of property for sale or rent
   150.08   Certificate of Compliance required
   150.09   Making false statement to notice of intent unlawful
Codes Adopted
   150.15   Generally
   150.16   Building Code; amendments
   150.17   Electrical Codes; amendments
   150.18   Mechanical Code; amendments
   150.19   Plumbing Codes; amendments
   150.20   Fuel Gas Code; amendments
   150.21   Energy Conservation Code
   150.22   Fire Code; amendments
   150.23   Residential Code; amendments
   150.24   Property Maintenance Code; amendments
   150.25   Illinois Accessibility Code
   150.26   International Existing Building Code
Fire Prevention Regulations
   150.35   Fire limits established
   150.36   Smoke detectors
   150.99   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Building Permit and Plan Review Fees
   Appendix B:   Developmental Impact Fees
   Appendix C: Notice of Intent to Sell Application for Village Inspection
   Appendix D: Agreement to Correct Building Code Violations Form
   Appendix E: Property Transfer Compliance Form