General Provisions
   99.01   Definitions
   99.02   Animal Control Officer
   99.03   Liability of persons enforcing this chapter for damages occurring in discharge of duties
   99.04   Animal shelter and disposition of impounded dogs or cats
   99.05   Animals(s) creating nuisance prohibited from running at large
   99.06   Cruelty to animals
   99.07   Confinement and control of nondomestic animals
   99.08   Wild animals and exotic pets
   99.09   Confinement and control of dangerous animals and dangerous dogs
   99.10   Requirements for attack training facility
   99.11   Determination of dangerous animal
   99.12   Required notification to Animal Control Officer by owners and keepers of nondomestic or dangerous animals or dangerous dogs
   99.13   Dogs or animals used for sentry or guard duty
   99.14   Teasing and molesting
   99.15   Law enforcement dogs excluded
   99.16   Interference with enforcement of this chapter
   99.17   Impoundment
   99.18   Procedure for redemption of impounded dogs or cats
   99.19   Destruction of wounded or diseased animals
   99.20   Animal waste
Vaccinations, Fees, Penalties and Appeals
   99.35   Rabies vaccination requirements
   99.36   Fee schedule
   99.37   Miscellaneous
   99.38   Appeals
   99.39   Partial invalidity
Inherently Dangerous Exotic Animals
   99.55   Definitions
   99.56   Possession of inherently dangerous exotic mammals, inherently dangerous mammals and inherently dangerous reptiles is illegal
   99.57   Exceptions
   99.58   Impoundment; disposition of impounded animals
   99.99   Penalty