A.   Code Official: Whenever the Code official(s) designated by the City Commission shall determine the existence of any violation of this chapter that constitutes a threat to the public health, comfort, safety or welfare, the Code official shall effectuate the abatement of such nuisance in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 909, 3-12-2007; amd. 2013 Code)
   B.   Police Department:
      1.   With the exception of violations of subsection 5-1-3A of this chapter, which shall be enforced exclusively through the appropriate abatement procedures outlined in sections 5-1-6 and 5-1-7 of this chapter, all other violations may be enforced either through the abatement procedures of section 5-1-7 of this chapter or by a written citation issued by the police department. (Ord. 913, 4-9-2007; amd. Ord. 932, 2-14-2011)
      2.   The police department shall have the discretion to issue a warning where appropriate, allowing a minimum of ten (10) days to correct an alleged violation without penalty.
      3.   The police department shall also have the discretion to issue a citation in a situation where violations continue to occur after an initial violation has been abated. (Ord. 913, 4-9-2007)