110.01   Definitions
   110.02   Construction
   110.03   Applicability of chapter provisions
   110.04   Levy of tax
   110.05   Period of license; due date; annual license
   110.06   Proration of tax
   110.07   Refunds
   110.08   License required for every separate business
   110.09   Exemptions
   110.10   Registration process
   110.11   Application for privilege license
   110.12   Reasons for refusal or revocation of license
   110.13   Unqualified applicants; right to conference
   110.14   Tax collector to issue license; payment of tax a prerequisite
   110.15   Procedure when amount of tax disputed
   110.16   Revocation; conference
   110.17   Record of conferences
   110.18   Form and contents of license
   110.19   Assignments
   110.20   Changes in business conducted by licensee during tax year
   110.21   Tax collector to furnish duplicates
   110.22   Providing notice to applicant or licensee
   110.23   Responsibility of business owner to determine whether tax/fee due
   110.24   Tax collector to investigate
   110.25   Keeping records
   110.26   Duty to permit inspection
   110.27   Displaying license
   110.28   Notice of deficiency
   110.29   Request for conference
   110.30   Deficiency to become final if conference not requested
   110.31   Procedures when conference held
   110.32   Collection of deficiency or delinquent taxes
   110.33   Releases