A person who conducts business within the town shall register his business before beginning the conducting of the business. A business shall be registered by submitting a form provided by the tax collector which shall provide the following information:
   (A)   The name of the applicant and whether he or it is an individual, a partnership, a corporation or some other entity;
   (B)   The nature of the business;
   (C)   Where the business is conducted;
   (D)   An address to which may be mailed notices and statements required by this chapter;
   (E)   Whether the business is one regulated by a state occupational licensing board subject to G.S. Ch. 93B and, if so, the serial number of the state license the applicant currently holds; and
   (F)   For any corporation or other entity registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State, the name and address of their registered agent.
(Ord. 15-25, passed 12-12-16)