(a)   These Subdivision Regulations shall apply only to the subdivision of tracts or parcels of land for the purpose of building or housing development, and also to minor subdivisions as hereinafter defined. These Subdivision Regulations are not intended to have, nor shall they have, any application to casual sales or gifts of real estate.
   (b)   No person shall sell, agree to sell, transfer or otherwise convey by deed, agreement, lease or other instrument any lot or parcel of ground situated within the City limits, or for a distance of three miles outside thereof, which lot or parcel is part of a tract being subdivided, nor shall a lot or parcel of ground be subdivided in any other form or be excavated or have structures erected thereon pursuant to a subdivision plan, nor shall any permit to erect, alter or repair any building be issued, unless and until that subdivision has been approved by the Planning Commission in accordance with the requirements of these Subdivision Regulations.
(Ord. 3703. Passed 10-27-66; Ord. 5052. Passed 12-30-09.)