(a)   The Planning Commission shall elect its own Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson and create and fill such other offices as may be determined. Officers shall serve annual terms and may succeed themselves. The Commission may make and alter bylaws, rules and regulations to govern its procedures consistent with the ordinances of the Municipality and the laws of the Commonwealth. The Commission shall keep a full record of its business, shall make a written report to Council at least monthly and shall, annually, by March 1 of each year, make a written report to Council of its activities for the preceding year.
(Ord. 3914. Passed 11-30-71.)
   (b)   All meetings at which action is to be taken or recommended shall be public meetings as defined by the Open Meeting Act or Sunshine Law. Further, all actions shall be taken by a call of the roll with the vote of each member duly recorded and made a part of the official minutes of such meeting.
(Ord. 4192. Passed 5-28-80.)