Upon a specific finding by the Department of Police of the fact that a public nuisance exists at a particular location, the City Solicitor shall, not later than three days after the Department declares that a public nuisance exists, commence legal proceedings by the filing of a civil action seeking the following relief:
   (a)   A declaratory judgment that the matter named by the Department is lewd;
   (b)   A declaratory judgment that the matter found to be lewd is a public nuisance per se under this chapter;
   (c)   A declaratory judgment that each place named by the Department is a public nuisance under this chapter;
   (d)   An accounting of all moneys paid as an admission price to or for the exhibition of lewd motion picture films, all valuable consideration received for the sale of lewd publications and all moneys or other valuable consideration received for services rendered in massage parlors or model studios from and after the time the person maintaining such nuisance receives notice of the finding by the Department that the public nuisance exists, and a judgment that such moneys or valuable consideration are a public nuisance under this chapter;
   (e)   An order that all admission price moneys or valuable consideration received and enumerated in the Court-ordered accounting be forfeited as contraband to the General Fund of the City or as property belonging to the City;
   (f)   An injunction enjoining and restraining all persons responsible for maintaining such nuisance from possessing or publicly exhibiting lewd motion picture films, from selling or possessing for sale lewd publications or from committing acts of lewdness, assignation or prostitution at any time in the future in the City, and such other injunctive relief as the Court may order;
   (g)   An order that all positive prints of the named lewd film and all lewd publications or copies or reproductions thereof be forfeited as contraband under this chapter;
   (h)   A judgment for the City for all costs therein expended, including investigative costs, court costs, reasonable attorney's fees and such other expenses as are provided for herein; and
   (i)   Any other relief that the Court may deem proper.
(Ord. 4092. Passed 2-8-78.)