Council finds that the crass commercial exploitation of explicit sexual conduct through the public exhibition of lewd films, through the display and/or sale of lewd publications and through the use of so-called massage parlors and model studios for purposes of lewdness, assignation or prostitution constitutes a debasement and distortion of a sensitive key relationship of human existence, central to family life, community welfare and the development of human personality; is indecent and offensive to the senses and to public morals; and interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property, in that such activities interfere with the interest of the public in the quality of life and the total community environment, the tone of commerce in the City, property values and the public safety. Council further finds that the continued operation of such activities is detrimental to the best health, safety, convenience, good morals and general welfare of the City and of the residents, citizens, inhabitants and businesses thereof. Council hereby declares such activities to be a public nuisance and herein establishes procedures for the abatement thereof. This chapter shall apply to existing establishments which are presently engaged in the type of activity herein declared to be a public nuisance.
(Ord. 4092. Passed 2-8-78.)