(a)   To reserve a field or other park entity, a permit will be required from the Village Manager or his/her designee. Proof of reservation may be required at the site at any time during the reserved time.
   (b)   Permit is only for time and specific location stated on the permit. Permit does not include supplies, equipment, etc. The permitted group must leave the multi-purpose field or other park structure or court by the time the permit expires.
   (c)   Person obtaining permit (18 years or older) is responsible for group's conduct and respect for the facility. Any groups who abuse facility or violate rules and regulations will not be issued any future permits, and charges for damage will be assessed and collected.
   (d)   The applicant hereby agrees that the use of such facilities shall be upon conditions listed above and at the exclusive risk of applicant and his/her guests, and no liability shall be attached to the Municipality of Johnstown, Ohio for any injury growing out of or arising from the use of said facilities.
   (e)   Permit is granted on condition that if the facility is needed for a Village of Johnstown function, grantee agrees to forgo use of facility.
(Ord. 02-2015. Passed 6-19-15.)