In a GCC-1 District, the following uses are permitted:
   (a)    Administrative, Business and Professional Offices.
      (1)   Administrative and business offices not carrying on retail trade with the public and having no stock of goods maintained for sale to customers consisting of:
         A.   Brokers and dealers in securities, investments and associated services, not including commercial banks and savings institutions.
         B.   Insurance agents and brokers and associated services.
         C.   Real estate sales and associated services.
      (2)   Professional offices engaged in providing services to the general public consisting of:
         A.   Medical office and medical office-related activities, but not including veterinary offices or animal hospitals.
         B.   Other health or allied medical facilities.
         C.   Professional, legal, engineering and architectural services, not including the outside storage of equipment.
         D.   Accounting, auditing and other bookkeeping services.
      (3)   Organizations and associations organized on a profit or non-profit basis for promotion of membership interests, including:
         A.   Business associations.
         B.   Professional membership organizations.
         C.   Civic, social and fraternal organizations.
         D.   Charitable organizations.
   (b)    Retail stores primarily engaged in selling merchandise for personal or household consumption, and rendering services incidental to the sale of those goods; provided all storage and display of merchandise shall be within the principal structure, including:
      (1)   Food and food products, consisting of grocery stores, meat and fish markets, fruit stores and vegetable markets, and specialty stores such as bakery, candy or confectionery.
      (2)   Proprietary drug and hardware stores.
      (3)   Similar retail stores, consisting of florists, gift, antique or second-hand stores, books and newspapers, sporting goods, jewelry, optical goods, and other retail stores which conform to the purpose and intent of the General Commercial District 1 and subject to the requirements of Section 1141.02 (e) . Retail stores will not be permitted to sell items pandering obscenity, as defined in Ohio R.C. Title 29, to adults/juveniles.
   (c)    Personal services, involving the care of the person and his/her personal effects, including consumer services generally involving the care and maintenance of tangible personal consumption, including:
      (1)   Restaurants, but not including restaurants with drive- through facilities.
         A.   Cafe seating secondary to primary business; excluding outdoor alcohol consumption.
      (2)   Banks, savings and loans, and credit agencies, but not including establishments with drive-through facilities.
      (3)   Post offices.
      (4)   Barber and beauty shops, having no more than three (3) work stations.
      (5)   Funeral services.
      (6)   Radio, television or small appliance repair.
      (7)   Commercial photography.
      (8)   On-premises duplication and reproduction services.
   (d)    Theaters.
      (Ord. 25-2022. Passed 1-3-23.)