The primary purposes and objectives of the Village Tree Commission shall include the following:
   (a)   To study the problems and determine the needs of the Village, relative to a municipal tree care and tree planting program, and to make such recommendations from time to time to Council as to desirable legislation concerning the tree program and activities of the Municipality.
   (b)   To establish the recommended species and varieties of trees to be planted in the treelawns or parks.
   (c)   To disseminate news and information regarding the selection, planting and maintenance of trees within the corporate limits, whether the same be on private or public property.
   (d)   To hold regular and special meetings at which the subject of trees insofar as it relates to the Municipality may be discussed by the members of the Commission, officers and personnel of the Municipality and its several divisions, and all others interested in the tree program.
   (e)   The Commission, when requested by Council or the Manager, shall consider, investigate, make findings, report and recommend upon any special matter or question coming within the scope of its work.
      (Ord. 1994-22. Passed 10-18-94.)