As used in this chapter,
   (a)    "Solid wastes" means such unwanted residual solid or semisolid material as results from industrial, commercial, agricultural and community operation, excluding earth or material from construction, mining or demolition operations and slag and other substances which are not harmful or inimical to public health, and includes garbage, combustible and noncombustible material, street dirt and debris. "Solid wastes" also means "bulk solid wastes" unless otherwise used herein.
   (b)    "Bulk solid wastes" means solid wastes of substantial volume such as unwanted appliances and furniture.
(Ord. 1971-15. Passed 6-1-71.)
   (c)    "Residential customers" include persons residing in single-family and multiple family structures, whether renters or owners, as well as the definition contained in Ordinance 1971-15.
(Ord. 1981-18. Passed 12-1-81.)