Sec. 14-235. - Authorization for development agreements.
   The Johnston County Board of Commissioners finds that:
   (a)   Large-scale development projects often occur in multiple phases extending over a period of years, requiring a longterm commitment of both public and private resources.
   (b)   Such large-scale developments often create potential community impacts and potential opportunities that are difficult or impossible to accommodate within traditional zoning processes.
   (c)   Because of their scale and duration, such large-scale projects often require careful integration between public capital facilities planning, financing, and construction schedules and the phasing of the private development.
   (d)   Because of their scale and duration, such large-scale projects involve substantial commitments of private capital by developers, which developers are usually unwilling to risk without sufficient assurances that development standards will remain stable through the extended period of the development.
   (e)   Because of their size and duration, such developments often permit communities and developers to experiment with different or nontraditional types of development concepts and standards, while still managing impacts on the surrounding areas.
   (f)   And, to better structure and manage development approvals for such large-scale developments and ensure their proper integration into local capital facilities programs, Johnston County needs the flexibility in negotiating such developments.
   Therefore, per G.S. ch. 160D, article 10, the board of commissioners may enter into development agreements with developers, subject to the procedures and requirements of this division. In entering into such agreements, the board of commissioners may not exercise any authority or make any commitment not authorized by general or local act and may not impose any tax or fee not authorized by otherwise applicable law.
   This authorization of development agreements is supplemental to the powers conferred by the state upon local governments and does not preclude or supersede rights and obligations established pursuant to other laws regarding building permits, site-specific development plans, phased development plans, and/or other provisions of law.
(Amend. of 7-10-2006(1); Amend. of - -)