Sec. 12-33. - Exceptions.
   The following are exempt from the provisions of this article:
      (1)   Noises generated, made or created during the regular operations of a manufacturing or industrial facility, defined as any premises where goods or wares are made, processed, warehoused or stored or where manufacturing is legally permitted and carried on and the owner of such manufacturing or industrial facility takes or has taken reasonable steps not to cause, create or allow unreasonably loud or disturbing noise not necessarily inherent to such manufacturing or industrial facility.
      (2)   Noises generated, made or created by fire, law enforcement, ambulance, rescue or other emergency vehicles while such vehicles are engaged in their proper functions.
      (3)   Parades, fairs, circuses, other similar public entertainment events, sanctioned sporting events, athletic contests, sporting events and sporting activities taking place in areas set aside for such activities, or any activities normally associated with any of the above, when such events and activities take place between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. After 11:00 p.m., persons engaged in these events and activities who create or allow noise which is prohibited by section 12-32 shall be in violation of this article or of such ordinance.
      (4)   Construction operations for which building permits have been issued or construction operations not requiring permits due to ownership of the project by an agency of government; provided all equipment is operated in accordance with manufacturer's specifications and with all standard equipment, manufacturer's mufflers and noise-reducing equipment in use and in proper operating condition.
      (5)   All noises coming from the normal operations of properly equipped aircraft, not including scale model aircraft.
      (6)   Lawnmowers and agricultural equipment and landscape maintenance equipment when operated with all the manufacturer's standard mufflers and noise-reducing equipment in use and in reasonable operating condition.
      (7)   Emergency work necessary to restore property to a safe condition following a fire, accident or natural disaster, or to restore public utilities, or to protect persons or property from an imminent danger.
      (8)   Noises resulting from the provision of government services.
      (9)   Noise from noisemakers and fireworks on holidays or at times allowed under a pyrotechnics permit issued pursuant to G.S. 14-410 et seq.
      (10)   Noise from trains and associated railroad rolling stock when operated in proper repair and manner.
      (11)   Noise from the discharge of a firearm or firearms when the firearm is being used to take birds or animals pursuant to G.S. chapter 113, subchapter IV, or when lawfully used in defense of person or property, or when used pursuant to lawful directions of law-enforcement officers.
(Ord. of 8-5-1996, § 2; Ord. of 9-4-2012)