6.03  Recall of Elected Officials.
   Recall of elected officials shall be commenced by filing a petition for recall of the stated official.  The petition shall be signed by twenty-five percent of the registered voters of the City of Ironton registered to vote at the previous general election.  The petition shall be filed with the Board of Elections not less than seventy-five days prior to the next general primary or general election or pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code relative to the filing of the petition for candidacy, whichever is longer.
   At the filing of the petition with the Board of Elections a copy of the said petition shall also be filed immediately with the Clerk of the Council.
   Said election, to consider the issue of recall, shall be held at the next general or primary election following the filing of the petition, unless said general or primary election is more than 120 days after the filing of the petition; then said election will be held on the first Tuesday after the ninetieth day from the filing of the petition.  At said election, a majority shall be necessary to recall the official.
   No official shall be subject to recall within the first six months of his term.  Any person recalled shall not be appointed to Council within two years of the date of his recall.  If an official survives a recall, he shall not be subject to the recall within one year of the date of the recall election he survived.