4.05  Director of Finance.
   The Director of Finance shall be the fiscal officer of the Municipality and shall be appointed at the organizational meeting of Council.  He may be removed by the affirmative vote of four members of Council.  He shall keep the financial records of the Municipality, exhibiting accurate statements of all moneys received and expended, of all property owned by the Municipality and of all taxes and assessments.  He shall advise the Mayor and the Council concerning the financial condition of the Municipality not less than monthly and shall examine all payrolls, bills and other claims against the Municipality and shall issue no warrants unless he finds that the claim is in proper form, correctly computed, duly approved and that an appropriation has been made therefor.  He shall disburse the funds of the City as may be required by law or ordinance.  He shall examine and audit the accounts of all other officers, employees, departments, boards and commissions, and shall assist the Mayor in the preparation and submission of appropriation measures, estimates, budgets and other financial matters.  He shall perform all other duties now or hereafter imposed on city auditors under the laws of the State of Ohio, and shall perform such other duties, consistent with his office, as may be required by this Charter or by ordinance or resolution of Council.
   The Director of Finance shall have such staff as is designated by Council, consisting of not less than one other employee appointed by the Director of Finance.  The Finance Department shall be kept separate from the administrative offices of the City.