2.19  Order of Motions.
   When a question or proposition is before the Council or under debate, no motion shall be received by the Chairman except the following:
      1st.   To adjourn.
      2nd.   To lie upon the table.
      3rd.   For the previous question.
      4th.   To commit.
      5th.   Postpone to a day certain.
      6th.   To amend.
      7th.   To postpone indefinitely.
   The motions, as above stated, shall have the precedence in the order in which they are arranged.  The motion to adjourn shall always be in order, unless the Council is engaged in voting; but the motion to adjourn being decided in the negative shall not be again entertained until some  motion, call, order or debate shall take place.
   The following questions shall be decided without debates:
      1st.   To adjourn.
      2nd.   To recess.
      3rd.   To lie upon the table.
      4th.   The previous question.
      5th.   To take from the table.
      6th.   To go into committee of the whole on the order of the day.
      7th.   All questions relating to the priority of business.