2.06  Forfeiture of Office.
   Any Councilman who shall cease to possess the qualifications of office, or who shall be convicted of bribery, corruption or any other crime involving moral turpitude, or who shall be absent from six consecutive regular meetings of Council, whether excused or not, shall immediately forfeit the office.
   No Councilman shall interfere directly or indirectly with the operation of the Mayor and/or the executive branch. “Interference,” for purposes of this section, shall mean contact with any member or employee of the executive branch, other than the Mayor, by personal visit, mail or telephone, either at work, at home or elsewhere for the purpose, either express or implied, of causing said member of the executive branch to do or not to do, perform or not perform any duties, obligations or lawful orders given to said member of the executive branch by his superior of superiors.
   The Mayor of the City of Ironton shall file a complaint against said Councilman with the Vice Mayor, or, if he be the offender, with the Director of Finance, and said complaint shall be heard by the Council Committee of the Whole within ten days.  If Council, by a two-thirds vote, concurs that said charge is true, the offender shall be summarily removed from Council.