Section 2.08. Appointments.
   A.   The council shall appoint the city manager.
   B.   The council shall appoint the city clerk. (Ord. 85-3227, 3-12-1985)
   C.   The council shall appoint the city attorney. (Ord. 95-3671, 3-28-1995)
   D.   The council shall appoint all members of the city's boards, except as otherwise provided by state law. (Ord. 85-3227, 3-12-1985)
   E.   The council shall fix the amount of compensation, if any, of persons it appoints and shall provide for the method of compensation of other city employees. All appointments and promotions of city employees by city council and city manager must be made according to job-related criteria and be consistent with nondiscriminatory and equal employment opportunity standards established pursuant to law. (Ord. 95-3671, 3-28-1995)