Streets, Sidewalks And Public Right-Of-Way   1
Streets, Sidewalks And Public Right-Of-Way Generally   1A
Driveways And Curb Cuts   1B
Sidewalks   1C
Excavations   1D
Signs In Public Places   1E
Addressing   1F
Small Wireless Facility Use Permit   1G
Public Utilities And Use Of City Right-Of-Way   2
General Provisions   2A
Underground Service Required For Electrical Distribution Systems And Communications Systems   2B
City Utilities   3
General Provisions   3A
Project Specific Tap-On Fees   3B
Potable Water Use And Service   3C
Wastewater Treatment Works Users   3D
Wastewater Treatment Works Indirect Discharge   3E
Wastewater Treatment Works User Charges   3F
Stormwater Collection, Discharge And Runoff   3G
Solid Waste   3H
Standards For Public Works Improvement Projects   4
Penalties   5